Saturday, September 24, 2011

No Peeking!!

I am compiling a list of moments when people would tell others to close their eyes. For now, I have about a dozen or so instances that I have considered to begin a collection of short stories with, but I'm looking for some more to work with. Some of the ones shared below are innocent, some are loving, some are unbearable. Some are crap and will be thrown out. Through my writing, I am hoping to examine why we are willing to allow someone to handicap our perception of the world around us. Is it a misguided trust that convinces us to transfer our power to others to define what is deemed as viewable? Why are we willing to close our eyes? Especially when we're just going to try to peek anyway.

  • Close your eyes- and hold out your hands…dad says to children as he prepares to give them a present

  • Close your eyes-phlebotomist says to cancer patient as they put in another needle to take blood…insert IV, etc. (blood spurts out all over her scrubs, patient doesn’t see it but nurse is horrified)

  • Close your eyes-rapist says to victim holding knife to her throat so she won’t see him (even though he has a face mask on)

  • Close your eyes-lover says to woman as he explores her body (allowing her to secretly fantasize about someone else)

  • Close your eyes-virgin says to her boyfriend the first time they have sex-too embarrassed for him to see her body

  • Close your eyes-mother says to child as she tucks him in for bed, says to imagine a happy place (child can only imagine monsters and such in the dark with eyes closed, but is too worried to tell his worn-out, single mother)

  • Close your eyes-boyfriend says sweetly to girlfriend as they drive by a horrific accident to be masculine and protective(only to find out that it is his sister in the accident)

  • Close your eyes-Dad says to child as he sees pet dead on side of road in front of their house

  • Close your eyes-priest says to congregation, asking them to pray (as he touches himself through his robe)

  • Close your eyes-mother says to child during bathtime as she rinses the shampoo out of the child’s hair

  • Close your eyes-mother says to child as he or she walks in on mom having sex (while the child’s father is at work)

  • Close your eyes-man says to woman as he slips ring on her finger to propose (and before ring is on she knows what he is going to do and is trying to figure out how to say no)

  • Close your eyes-woman leads her husband into living room as she surprises him with a big screen tv (has a spending problem, family in debt)

  • Close your eyes-woman says to children as she hears the father stagger through the door, drunk

  • Close your eyes-older brother pleads to younger sibling as they hide under the bed after intruder breaks into the house and they hear mother screaming


  1. hmmm...these are interesting story starts :) "close your eyes" - the cook says before popping a taste into her friend's mouth. "close your eyes" says the decorator before the big reveal. Hmmm...mine are pretty boring in comparison. Keep writing.

  2. Love this list Steph. What interesting turns in the parentheses. Have you written any shorts based on this?